How to drive the people at the track nutty…

So I finally got another long run in.  It has been over a month since my last because I have really been feeling the affects of my anemia.  This past Saturday I made my way to the track with the intention of doing 8 miles, but no less than 7  I took my fuel belt and set up a little water stop for myself on the side of the track.  I had 4 10 oz bottles of water and my sports beans all ready to go.  I started out with a quick lap to warm-up then did my stretches.  After that I ran a mile before making my first water stop where I grabbed a bottle and carried it with me.  Then every 2 miles I stopped for some sports beans and to get another bottle of water. 

So what about that bothered the other people at the track?  Well every mile I changed which direction I was running in.  Running long distances on a track can actually cause repetitive use injuries, so it was my intention to not aggrevate the one I already have in my ankle.  I don’t think people liked seeing me coming back at them.  I did at least stay in the same lane my whole run and I chose one of the outside lanes, 6, so that I wasn’t in anyone else’s way. 

In the end I had a great run and I have been icing my ankle ever since to try to keep the tendinitis at bay.  I was planning on running 5 this morning, but it was really humid so I decided it was better to rest my ankle one more day.  Tomorrow I will do 5, then 4 or 5 on Thursday and this weekend I will tackle 10. 

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