1 More Mile to go!

1 more mile to go and I will be at the mileage I need to be to be prepped for my 1/2 marathon in September.  I did 9 miles on the track this past weekend.  I didn’t go counter-clockwise as much as I did last time though.  At one point it was just too crowded and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. 

On to one of my pet peeves.  Throwing cigarette butts out the window.  Honestly, it is none of my business what people do with their own bodies.  If they wish to smoke cancer sticks, then they are more than welcome to.  I just ask that A. you don’t blow smoke in my face when I walk past you on the sidewalk and B. you don’t treat the world as your own personal ash tray.  That means stop throwing your still like cigarettes out the window when you finish with it.  It is littering and it is against the law.  I witnesses at least 3 women doing this very thing this morning.  To me it is just evidence that people are far too lazy.  If you can’t clean out the ash tray in your car from time to time then you are too lazy to smoke.    I might get some flack for this, but I had to clean cigarettes out a group of planters in a courtyard at VJC once in order to make the planters suitable for the flowers we were trying to plant.  It was digusting and the worst part was that there are several ash trays scattered throughout that particular court yard.  People were just too lazy to get up and walk 3 feet to put their trash where it belonged.

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  1. KingHade Says:

    Most cars don’t come with standard ash-trays anymore. They are ussually a crappy $80 option. But besides that, even if you do buy it, you probably would not use it, because it makes your car STINK! I agree littering is wrong, but catching ever litterer would be nearly impossible, if not a complete waste of time. (Thats why we heir janitors and street sweepers.)

  2. K80K Says:

    But see people shouldn’t have to enforce stuff like this. It isn’t a police officer’s job to make people keep their cigarettes in their cars, though I know a few who have pulled people over for it. If people can’t be responsible about smoking then their rights to do so should be revoked or they should die a slow miserable death from lung cancer.

  3. patmonahan Says:

    they should have deposits on the filters like some states have on bottles and cans. Just think what it would do if the smokers had to bring in the pack with the filter remains. Then they could recycle the filter. I think I’m onto something here.

  4. KingHade Says:

    People arn’t responsible enough for most things. If it was up to me a good 50% of people would never be allowed to drive, and 75% would not be allowed to have kids. But unfortunatlly it’s not, and people are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want. Just part of life.

    The deposit is an interesting idea, but recycling can’t happen. The fillters are too contaminated with tar, spit, etc.

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