But K80 it’s cold outside…

Wow!  Winter is officially here.  It was in the low 30s when I went out for my run this morning.  Brrrr!

This weekend is the Zoo Zoom 5-miler that I do every year.  I want to do longer than 5 miles that day though, so I will probably run the race and then come home to run 5 more miles around my neighborhood to get a total of 10 in for the day.

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  1. patmonahan Says:

    just run the race twice. If you’re lucky, they’ll still have some of the food out when you come around again.

    I did a 5k, rested and then ran almost all of it again. When I got back they were giving out awards and I was able to grab a gatarade and fruit.

  2. K80K Says:

    I would love to be able to do that, but I don’t think I am fast enough for them to let me go through the zoo a second time before shutting down the course. 🙁

  3. Jeff Says:

    Don’t think I’d have the mo to do five, stop and do five more. Have fun on the run — say hey to the giraffe’s.

  4. KingHade Says:

    Yeah, I agree, running 5 miles, stopping and running again is nuts. After a stop, I do just that, stop. You’d never get me running again… So more power to ya!

    Oh, and yes, it IS cold. I was up in CT yesterday, and even though I only spent maybe 10 minutes outside, I was smuggling raisins in my pants for that entire time! 😛

  5. KingHade Says:

    Oh, so, I’ll be in DC Tuesday, if you want to hang out and get dinner or something… e-mail me: Hade119@earthlink.net if you want to try to get together…

  6. Jeff Says:

    So. . . how’d the race go? And the 5 after the race? Did you remember to say hey to the giraffe’s for me?

  7. K80K Says:

    It’s up now. 🙂

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