If you been a reader of my blog you might have noticed I NEVER do back-to-back runs unless they are only like a 1 mile run.   I have only made 2 exceptions and they involved Disney races, so of course I just had to!  In the past I did it because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my FIRMs for back-to-back runs and I wanted to conserve the extra wear and tear on my joints caused by back-to-back runs. 

Runner’s World Smart Coach had me add back-to-back runs starting this week.  On Wednesday I have my speed or tempo run followed by a 2 mile easy run on Thursday.  In the psat I would have ignoed this and moved on, but I am following through with it this time.  I am considering it the beginning of my training for the American Odyssey Relay.   I figure Step 1 – runs on back-to-back days.  Step 2 – more than one run on the same day.  Of course Step 2 doesn’t have to occur for some time.  I figure I will start throwing in 2 runs on the same day every other week starting some time in February.  I have plenty of time to plan that out though since it is only…what…July?  I will probably start working on the training rotation that takes me from October through the WDW Half Marathon the WDW Princess Half Marathon and the American Odyssey relay at the end of September. 

In just 2 hours I will be sitting on my mat in the yoga studio preparing for my first regular yoga class.  Up to now I have only been doing the Beginner Yoga classes.  The biggest reason for the change is scheduling.  The Beginner classes are at 8 AM or 8 PM.  8 AM gets knocked out because of that whole work thing getting in the way.  The evening classes set me up for getting home around 10 o’clock and with needing to take a shower I don’t make it to bed till almost 11.  After the shower I am wide awake so I lay there staring at the ceiling for almost an hour before nodding off to sleep.  For the record, this granny-like-20-something (4 more months till I have to call myself a 30 something o_O) likes to have her head hit the pillow between 9:30 and 10 o’clock.  If I don’t I have a somewhat zombie appeal to me the next day. 

I have to remember this evening that I need to keep my yoga practice within the limitations of my own body.  Yoga practice is a very personal thing and everyone has different capabilities restrained within their own body structure.  Just because the teacher is the crazy-bendy-woman that was the assistant instructor from the Beginner Yoga series I took doesn’t mean I have to be crazy-bendy too. 

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  1. nat Says:

    I find that as long as you actually make the second run easy, it’s not usually an issue. I also try to keep them at the same time of day. (i.e. don’t run the speed work at 6 p.m. then get up and do 2 miles.) But really two miles is nice and doable.
    Although maybe for Odyssey I should be doing just that.

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