Musical Magic

Last night I went and saw Trans-Siberian orchestra for the first time. I must say that is it among my top, best-ever concerts. The songs were fabulous the show was great and our seats were awesome. If you ever go to see a show at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, I suggest you get seats in one of the boxes. We were sitting in these big gushy computer like chairs. Much more comfortable then if we were sitting on the floor somewhere. The view was completely unobstructed. It was simply awesome. One of the best parts of the show was near the end. Chris Caffery, not only a TSO member, but also a member of Savatage, went running through the floor seating and out one of the back doors while performing. You could tell that he was going to appear on one of the other levels of the hall, but you didn’t know where. The next thing I know I turn to the right and he comes walking through the door that I am standing right next to. It was really awesome. He played some more of the song, then shook the hands of the people near him and left the box. I suggest that if you have a chance to see this group live you take it. It really is a great show.

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