Call of the Cookies

Once a week at work they are treating us all to lunch to thank us for our efforts on the upcoming software release.  Lunch meat sandwiches, salads, chips, all the usual suspects.  In addition every time we had lunch there would be a cookie tray involved.  Really good cookies  – big chocolate chips, oatmeal, white chocolate chips and cranberries.  When lunch is done the cookie tray makes it way to a little table in our aisle. 

This little table is between me and the bathroom.  It is between me and the water cooler.  Basically I have to pass the cookie tray 20 times in any given day.  The uncovered cookies fill the hallway with their sweet scent just calling to you.  As you pass the tray with no pesky lid the to slow you down your hand freely drops down, scoops of one of these delicate treats and delivers it unrestricted to your lips.  Mmmmmm…

Oops sorry got distracted.  Anyway I would say on any given free lunch I would manage to consume 5 or 6 cookies.  5 or 6 cookies!  I was more likely comsuming my entire daily calorie allowance in just grazing as I walked up and down the hallway.

Yesterday was lunch day, and a challenging one at that.  We were ordering from Five Guys.  Luckily I knew it was coming and I planned accordingly.  I made sure my weekly point allowance was in tact so that I could dip into it as I needed.  I ordered my usual favorites on my burger and then made plans with a coworker to split an order of fries.  Then as we were finishing up our lunch the cookie tray was revealed. 

These were some really tempting cookies.  Large chocolate cookies with huge white chocolate chips.  I would have gladly eaten half the tray.  I stuck to my guns.  Repeatedly passing the cookies with their smell calling to me.  At one point the chocolate temptation was too great, but instead of reaching for a cookie I popped a couple 3 Musketeers minis into my mouth to satisfy the craving.  At the end of the day when everyone else had left I made my peace with the cookies.  I walked up, closed the lid on the box, two lonely cookies waiting to be eaten staring back at me, and left for the day.   Take that cookies!

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