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More fun with Crappy Neighbors

Friday, July 25th, 2003

One week till my first paper is due. I did an experiment the other night, but I think my numbers are a little too low, so I am thinking of rerunning some of it this evening. Just out to get a more dramatic expansion factor.

My truck almost got blocked in by an ambulance again yesterday. As soon as we saw the flashing lights my Dad ran out and moved it while I finished my dinner so I could get on the road and off to school. I am thinking of starting a pool to see when the lady there finally kicks the bucket. The ambulance has been at our house a lot lately: 2 times on Monday, 3 times on Tuesday(once they took her away), 2 times on Wednesday and at least once yesterday. Why her family insists on calling 9-1-1 every time is beyond me. All they paramedics do is walk into the house, go in the fridge, grab the orange juice, go into the closet, grab a chocolate bar, locate her in the house and force the juice and chocolate down her throat. If I were them I would probably just dump the orange juice on the father’s head, kick him in the side and tell him to take care of it himself.

I am a little worried about the kids in that house. The oldest one can’t be any older than 11 or 12. The father has told us that social services has told him that he is not permitted to leave the children home alone with their mother. However he does leave them home alone with her all the time, even though he swears that he doesn’t. I see him pull out of the driveway all the time with less than 3 kids in the car and he should be taking 4+ with him. Then this week I noticed that there was 7+ kids running in and out of the house, including a baby that looked no older than 1. None of the children are old enough to be legally babysitting other children, so the only thing I can conclude is that the mother is doing it. If she isn’t allowed to be left alone with her own children then why is she home alone with other people’s children?!?

Upgrading my Tae Bo

Thursday, July 24th, 2003

I have been bad this week in keeping up with my web-logage. Do in part to being busy at work and at home. The semester is in full swing and my first paper is due next Friday. I have started doing my research and will hopefully have the paper done by next Wednesday so that I can have it reviewed before I turn it in for an actual grade.

I moved up to doing my Tae Bo in hour increments. Well almost. I do a little more of workout each day, but haven’t been able to finish the entire workout as of yet. I usually go up until 44 minutes then hit the skip forward button and jump to the 52nd minute which is the beginning of the cool down. Maybe today I will make it the full hour, but the Wendy’s I just ate may be begging to differ.

Is it wrong for me to want to crap up laughing every time my boss says “poking our fingers in the dike”?

Still Kicking

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003

So if you haven’t guessed it already I survived yet another set of lay-offs. I am sort of disappointed. I am really just in need of a change because I am bored as anything with my daily grind at the moment. I just end up reading novels the entire time I am at work while watching the clock out of the corner of my eye to see when it hits “quitting time”. We are having another reorganization now that we are done the lay-offs so maybe that will bring something exciting and new into my life.

I have a paper do in my E-Commerce class on Friday the 1st of August. So tonight I am going to start working on it. I am not feeling very well at all, so I may be backing out of my weekly walking with Melissa. I don’t really want to because tonight we were going to try to start jogging again, but I really just feel like taking a break because I am running myself into the ground at the moment.

Birthdays All Around

Monday, July 21st, 2003

This weekend went by pretty fast for me because I had something going on every day. Friday Tyrant came over for pizza and we ended up hanging out with my parents, my brother and some of his friends. It was an interesting evening of story telling and laughter. There were also some stories you kind of wish afterwards that you had not heard, but so it goes, hehe.

On Saturday we ventured out to the toy store in search of presents for Abby-cracks birthday. I found this toy grill that I absolutely loved. I later found out that a neighbor had the same one and that Abby loves playing with it, so it turned out to be a great discovery.

Saturday evening I dared to make plans for Tyrant and myself to go to the White Marsh movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean. From now on we are going to go to another movie theater further north that isn’t so crowded. I ordered the tickets ahead of time through Fandango, so we had no problem getting the tickets, but the volume of people there was a little overwhelming. We got there early in case there was a line, and when there wasn’t we ventured over to the crack dealer to get a fix.

Melissa had recommended a book to me a while back and I kept forgetting the author’s name, and hadn’t been able to pick it up yet. I had made sure to memorize the author’s name so that on this trip I could pick up the book. I looked all over the fiction department for this book and had no luck finding it whatsoever. Then I decided that since I had finished Dune that morning I would treat myself to picking up the next book in the series I didn’t have. So I ventured over to the Science Fiction department and squatted down to grab God Emperor of Dune off the bottom shelf. I stand up and look straight ahead and low-and-behold on the shelf in front of me is the book I had been looking all over the place for. Of course it was only there because someone else didn’t put it back on the shelf, but what kind of karma does it take for the one book I was looking for to end up on the same set of shelves as the Dune books???

After my find I was in a rather good mood, so we made our way back to the theater to pick up some soda and pretzel bites then go in and get some seats. As soon as we open the door for the movie we feel this warmth coming from the theater. I was hoping that maybe just that section of the hallway was not ventilated enough, but as we made our way to the front the air quality did not get any better. We make our way up and grab a seat in the top row so that no one will be able to kick us from behind. The theater continued to fill up just and the lights came on, in the manner they always do when someone is coming in to the theater to talk to you.

A few minutes later a gentleman makes his way towards the front of the theater, and I believe most of us were waiting for him to ask for money for the Will Roger’s Institute. He starts off by apologizing for the heat and tells us that the air conditioner is broken. He said that the heat would not be getting any better and that if we wanted to exchange our tickets or get refunds that now was our only opportunity. At that point there was no one sitting on either side of myself or Tyrant, so it wasn’t in all actuality that bad in there. So we decided to stick it out.

As we got closer to movie time the theater continued to fill and we ended up having people fill in on all sides of us. The movie was really good. I found it really fun to watch for parts of the ride to show up in the movie. Tyrant deemed it “long but with entertaining parts” which I think speaks highly of the movie because he is very particular about which movies he likes.

Yesterday was Abby and Sue’s birthday party, so the day was spent at the SkullzDotHouse. There were lots of little people running about acting as they would at a birthday party, but it was still a good time.

Now for the really exciting news. About 10 minutes ago I finally finished Return of the King. I think I deserve a cookie 🙂

Bastard Kids

Friday, July 18th, 2003

It is busy time for just about everyone on the internet right now. I was just wandering around looking for doses of goodness from my favorite internet personalities and had trouble scraping some up (except from Porkfry, but his blog wasn’t a happy one). I am feeling the grunt of busyness myself. Last night my class ran late and didn’t get out until 10:15. Then I had a 45 minute drive ahead of myself and am I feeling it today. I think it will be nap time when I get home from work.

Last night I though of something and was like, “I can’t believe I forgot to blog that!” Of course now that I sit here blog….Oh I remembered! The bastard kids next door are at it again! Dad has noticed that when he takes the dog outside if the screen door opens on my neighbor’s house that the dog will run and get behind him and as long as there is someone in their yard she will go no where near the fence. The only thing we can think of that would cause her to act that way is that the kids or the dog next door did something to her, and we don’t think it was the dog. I swear next time I see one of them and they are in the path of my truck I am just going to run them over. I don’t think they will be missed. The neighborhood may become a little more quiet but in more of a peaceful sort of way. I like peace.